VoIP Key To Broadband Growth
The Vonage Price Drop

Robertson: The Plaintiff

In what is clearly a reversal of roles, Michael "DisruptionMaster #1" Robertson a has filed lawsuit against Vonage for what is effect is false advertising in California court.

For Rorbertson, who was sued by the record industry when he led MP3.com and then by Microsoft for Lindows, the courts have always been a marketing vehicle. In this suit he's taking on the role of protector of the downtrodden and afflicted SipPhone users who may have purchased or wanted to purchase Vonage ATA manufactured by Linksys.

What's so interesting is Michael excluded Linksys, and in reality all the manufacturers of TA's. Why? Because Vonage is a hot topic now and Michael relishes in attention that others can generate for him. While his pursuit is noble, the media coverage alone for SipPhone is worth the price of filing the lawsuit.

Bravo to my Del Mar, CA neighbor for again finding a way to keep his company in the news !


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