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Motley Fool Looks At AT&T

Motley Fool raises some questions about AT&T and why they've gone VoIP in a big way.

Companies have to reengineer themselves. Look at IBM. For years they were in an evolutionary mode. In my view VoIP is the first, and easiest product to take wide and build awareness for AT&T. My gut says there is more behind all this, as it appears to only be the tip of the iceberg.

Plantronics Adds XTEN

Two companies I'm high on have joined forces. XTEN which IMHO make the best softphone client on the planet and Plantronics, a company which understands headsets.

Plantronics understands distribution too, and by joining up expect to see more cross promotions with companies that are working with XTEN. Heck, I don't understand why a branded XTEN VoIP service isn't out yet powered by any one of their partners.

AT&T Takes VoIP Global For Multinational Companies

In the past I've said we're seeing the day coming of the global carrier for telephony in the branded service offering sense that can be seen as leveraging the capabilities of VoIP for global remote workers of multi-national firms and expats.

I feel with the announcement today by AT&T that the day has arrived.

While no one would say that AT&T hasn't been global before, the ability to have one carrier around the globe and with the technology that is being rolled out by AT&T, and some of their competitors, the idea of the phone company for the world is clearly upon us. The announcement also indicates that CallVantage is more than a consumer play, and that consumers will end up with service offerings that have been developed for business. If you think about this, it reminds me of the days of Centrex type services that started to be offered to consumers

When you look at how this is done, you have to draw comparisons to wireless giant Vodafone, and their Vodafone Live service, which is even used by other carriers in countries where Vodafone doesn't operate.