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Skype and 1xRTT

Blogging from the skys….I just spent the longest time offline and away from all forms of communications other than talking. On my six hour flight I wrote, read, had a breakfast snack, drank some tea.

Usually when I go to Europe it’s a night flight. The red eye, something since 1989 has been somewhat of a regular occurrence for me in the USA, and since 1982 whenever I went to Europe. But this time, already being in New Jersey, I decided to hop a morning flight from Newark on Virgin Atlantic.

What a difference. Instead of flying out with the setting sun, the flight has one flying as the sun moves behind you. It’s a very different feeling, and one that gets me on the ground around 330 PM or so, East coast time, or roughly 830 PM London time. Just in time for Indian dinner.

The idea of going from Breakfast in New Jersey to dinner in London is actually rather interesting, but what really was interesting was the call I made to EuroTelcobloger James Enck of Daiwa Securities in London. Enck, who was on line while I was on the plane using my Sprint 1xRTT card to check email got me thinking. Since James and I always Skype, what would happen if I tried Skype at 80K.

After a fast IM to see if he could take the call, I rang him up and voila, we were talking. Enck told me the call sounded better than most cell phone calls, and while there was a tad of latency, we had a totally audible conversation.

In the age of VoIP, we’re changing how, and where people can talk. It would have been nice to be on a flight with WiFi and in seat power and to have tried the same thing. But not yet. Maybe next time.

Pulver100 Out for 2004

With Fall VoN only a few weeks away, has announced the 2004 Pulver 100. Given Jeff and his team's close, inside the industry perspective, companies on this list need to be given very serious consideration.

Funny, a few of the companies are regularly covered here too...VoicePulse, Vonage, Popular Telephony, Brideport Networks.....

Is Skype Having Problems?

Of late the IM function of Skype seems to be flaky. Someone received an IM from me much later than when sent, and I got there reply at a time when I was on but they were't, yet it showed them online.

This morning it happened again. I've also noted some delays in authorization of users who add contacts to their Skype list. Even their dutiful PR person has not replied to an IM of mine from last week, and that's very unlike her.