IpInferno On Peerio
Teton Wireless Launches First VoIP Services in Montana and Idaho

VoIP Store Opens

Someone wants to be a VoIP retailer. Good idea, but they will likely sell more over the web. Having a retail presence if done right, will go a long way to educate. I wonder how the manufacturers, who have never had a retail experience will react. This is great for Cisco via Linksys, D-Link and the carriers who know how to manage retail. Vonage and others should take note.


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. DO you sell ip OR voip phone that can call to skype or anther company even if the computer is off/closed? if you have this product i want to buy 10000 pcs for start.

pleas send me reply
thanks ARIK keren
Bezeq Ltd
972 50 829 7766


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