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Is Cisco Your The Next Telco?

Back in the days of the Janet Reno led Microsoft Anti-Trust case, I used to always comment on KenRadio's World Technology Round Up about Cisco being the real monopoly player out there.

Between their swarming sales tactics, drive the upstarts out of business (or buy them) and their very solid management leadership with John Chambers (one of the best CEO's around) but when Cisco bought Linksys I realized how accurate that comment really was.

Linksys has become one of the most known consumer brands in the WiFi and home networking space. When you get done reading the comments of Robert X. Cringely you may want to jump and say PRONTO (hello i Italian) to someone you know at the local phone company and mention the story to them. Cringe is right on the mark about what could happen. Then again, a lot more has to happen before he's right.


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this is chilling if you are an sbc stockholder

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