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AT&T's Dorman on VoIP

I just read AT&T's Dave Dorman's interview in the Boston Globe.

This guy is a marketer. He's doing everything right, and now, he's out in front telling what he's going to do, telling them again, and again, and teasing the market at the same time. He's trial ballooning ideas, getting feedback, seeing what gets picked up, and more importantly starting the rumour mill in action.

1. WiFi and Cellular + VoIP--first the technology exists to do this already. AT&T owns the name AT&T Wireless, not Cingular. As far as I know, they don't have a non-compete. Don't be surprised if AT&T comes out with some bundle deal and then works a hotspot angle in also. Don't they own part of the struggling COMETA? Now imagine an all IP based infrastructure, for Voice, Data and Wireless. One carrier. One bill.

2. Port Blocking--he's concerned just like Bill Gates and the folks at Microsoft are, and everyone should be. If the carriers which provide IP broadband to the home decide to become toll collectors it will be a problem.
Since cable is franchised by municipalities, and no one has a choice who they get cable from, and more USA broadband to the home is cable, local governments may have to get involved.

3. AT&T is going to kick VoIP off with what is called "an Olympic Strategy" one which will have them using lots of PR and TV advertising, and then rapidly following it with numerous event based marketing.

Why do I say this? It's simple. AT&T as a brand has numerous properties they have sponsorship rights to. Dorman is going to follow some of the ways AT&T grew their business before, but make it all better and more visible. He's smart and cagey. Just watch.


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