AT&T Stays In the Race
New Player; More Feaatures; Lower Price

Tipping Point? Not Yet

eWeek claims VoIP is at the tipping point. I say, its not even close.

First, while carriers are making inroads here in the USA, the real action is global. So while the story points out the amount of international traffic, much of that is termination, and likely a lot of that is to India, where the offshoring of coding and customer support seems to be.

For a tipping point to occur will require the PTTs in Europe and Asia to truely open up their markets to new companies like Vonage or even better, AT&T becoming a global VoIP access provider. Legally. While we all know of many ex-pats using Vonage in the UK, Israel, France, etc., that use is not really legal. In South Africa recently, one company has gone to court to block SKYPE's use.

Tipping point occurs when the use is hitting a place where it is growing like tribbles in the famed Star Trek episode. Given this story came from a reporter attending VON or from all the announcements generated it seems the purple Kool Aid must be back on sale in Northern California.

Me. I'm staying on hooked on Ridge Geyserville, vintage 1988, like I drank last night. I know what's in that bottle, and while it has a purple color, it's sure not Kool Aid.


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