Global Crossing Takes on The Enterprise
Tipping Point? Not Yet

AT&T Stays In the Race

AT&T not wanting to be left behind announced more comapatability and interoperability.

Much of this has already been in their network or on the IP roadmap for a few years. What is so concerning is if they have the ability to do all this now, why wait?

AT&T, which got out of the cable business for the sake of survival, has forsaken wireless, and basically become a "me too" long distance carrier is betting on voice over packet. While their charasmatic leader is an ex wireless marketing maven, who sold their board of directors on a new gameplan, they are sure moving so slow.

The old AT&T is long gone. The rebranding of the company though, has really not yet started. Many people out there remember the once monopoly giant, both in good ways and not so positive lights. AT&T though on the international level still has a lot of cache and needs to be the graceful and respected firm they one were.


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