When Are There Too Many?
Patent Time

Here Come The Lawyers

In streaming media Acacia Research in California is seeking the courts help to get their piece of the action.

Now we're seeing the same thing happen in VoIP, with a lawsuit filed by another company.

The big issue here is more than what was filed. It has to do with both the patent office and the judges understanding just what technology really is all about.

For example, SIP which did not exist, but may have been thought of, when one of the patents was filed is the key to many of the next generation networks, so, while the concept or process may have been viusalized, the ability to actually deploy the vision was not.

But cases like this get heard by judges, and not all judges are as current on the latest technology. It's time to overhaul the entire patent process, especially when it comes to tech and pharma, for that's where the lawyers will get rich. Maybe it's time for the law firms to go public !


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